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Last update: 30 September 2006


1. About - Well, this is a Christian comic about 5 girls and their lives after being saved. After the transfer of a student one of them hoped never to see again, things go downhill. And the climb back up might just be a bit too difficult to accomplish alone.

2. Setting - Jakarta, Indonesia. I will refrain from referring to the exact location details since, hey, I'm not that sort of comic writer. (I'm lazy.)

3. Rating - Recommend for ages 16 and above for some stuff not suitable for children. (Violence, language, dark themes, etc)

4. Medium - Pencil, inks, openCanvas, Photoshop 7.0, um.... Yeah, unless stated otherwise.

5. Length - I planned out about 2 books, which is about 200-300 pages long. At the moment the comic is on an extended hiatus until further notice.

6. Fiction or Non-Fiction - The characters Ann, Jessy, Pau, Amelia, and Ellies are all loosely based on real people. Psychoteers is the name of our group which actually has one more crew, Florence (she's not a Christian yet but we're trying :D). The background and story as pictured in the comic is FICTION. So don't feel sorry for us as if we really went through what the characters did. Some things like hobbies, personality quirks, bad habits are mostly true (well, some of them are). Bible quotes are TRUE. God's grace and love TRUE.

7. Contact - if you have questions or anything, you can contact me at :

8. Dedication - This comic is dedicated for the Psychoteers (Jes, Pau, Lis, Mel, Flor), my #1 fan Helen, Christians everywhere who had to persevere under persecution, and last but not least, our Lord Jesus Christ.

9. Thanks - Again, Psychoteers for their undying support, you the readers, and God; for without Him I won't even be here in the first place ^___^

Character bios
can i ever be free of my brother's shadow?
Name: Ann
Age: 18
Background: Abused by her brother who she later killed.
Abilities: aikido and general fighting; has a sharp sense for trouble; logical
- She is usually quiet and unemotional (also short-tempered), but can change quickly when faced with different situations. Quite protective of her sisters in Christ she will resort to violence to keep them from harm. As the oldest and the first one in front when danger is near, she is considered the 'leader'.
can i ever be someone important?
Name: Noviyanti aka Pau
Age: 17
Background: picked on and suffered emotional distress.
Abilities: VERY good at fighting, RPG, and strategy games; great acting skills
- At first glance she seems quite slow and dimwitted, but when she's in her element her friends know that she is unbeatable. She is the one that receives the most attention in Psychoteers because of her 'cute' behavior sometimes. Second oldest after Ann, she is loved as if the youngest.
can i ever be free of my nightmares?
Name: Amelia aka Mel
Age: 17
Background: Witnessed her sister commit suicide resulting in mental trauma.
Abilities: to laugh very loud and long; over-whelming self confidence; quick wit
- She might seem like the most hyper and cheerful of the Psychoteers, but sometimes it's clear she still have some inner demons to exorcise. Always seeing the positive of things, it's exhausting to keep up with her; but she brings laughter to the group in almost any situation.
can I survive being alone again?
Name: Jessy aka Jes
Age: 16
Background: Lost mother right in front of her and got orphaned.
Abilities: her prayer has real strength; able to comfort anyone; caring for anyone
- She is the most devoted to God in Psychoteers. In result she is blessed and blesses all those around her. Her innocence and naivety is frustrating at times but in the end it is what makes her special. The voice of reason when trouble strikes, she almost a mother figure to the Psychoteers, despite being the youngest.
can i ever trust again?
Name: Ellies aka Lis
Background: A delinquent who was betrayed by her friends.
Abilities: singing; great fashion sense; excels academically
- The most out-going of the five, she seems like your ordinary teenage girl. Her knowledge of fashion, clubs, and gossip sometimes prove valuable to the Psychoteers. If any of the Psychoteers need advice on worldly matters, she is the first to which they'll go.


1. Weren't you Ann the Neko?
Yes, I am--or more correctly was. Ann the Neko was the ego I had who drew various fanarts of Gundam Wing, King of Fighters, FFVIII and others. Along with Pau (yes, Psycho Pau) we had even a page specialized for our KOF doujinshi. The old crew for that page was with Jes, Flor, Pau and a friend Kyo before I had an "ego-split". "Ego-splitting" ended up with the "other" Psycho Ann, one who drew morbid dark art at the site Insanity Trait, and was shortly known for my American Mcgee's Alice fanarts (as my Ann the Neko ego was later on to be known with my Harry Potter fanarts).

Well, needless to say, those two pages where like skeletons in my closet and so after defeating my pride with prayer, I shut them both down and started anew with Psychoteers. ^^ I am aware of a number of people that are disappointed with my apparent lost of interest in self-mutilation/gore and Harry Potter art to now "waste" my talent with "fanatic" stuff. Well, I guess all I can say is: I should have done it quicker. This is one Jesus Freak the world won't be getting back, so NYAH!!! >:P

Funny thing how some of them fear me more as a Christian then as a "dismemberment artist". *Shrugs* Isn't that hilarious? I'm not scary if I could potentially be a really disturbed psychopath as I am a believer. Is something wrong with the picture? It's not like God will suddenly smite (love that word) them for anything (if they even believe in a God).

2. What's a "psychoteer"? Why that name?
I remember I did an interview with (or was it Megazeen?) and basically explained where the "psycho" came from. Unfortunately, the interview is gone so I guess I'll explain again. Hmm... Okay, basically back in the days when Pau and I were still drawing morbid stuff everyone called us "insane/psycho". Wala, Psycho Ann and Psycho Pau was born. Then I thought, "Hey, why not let the whole crew in?" And so, Psychoteers was born next (the 'teers' is from Musketeers, obviously). To be a Psychoteer you have to be a girl and is insane in her own little way--for now we're not accepting applicants. These days, Psychoteers has a new meaning added: we're psycho for God. As negative as that sounds, well, why not? ;P

3. Did you girls really go through that horrible mess?
This answer you can get at the end notes to chapter 1, but I'll answer here anyway. No, we did not go through that horrible mess--unless you mean my room... Which is arguably the most horrible mess we ever experienced. There's only one background story of one of the Psychoteers that is based on reality, albeit exaggerated and dramatized. And I'm not telling who. ;P

4. What is the correct way to write your name?
This caught me totally off guard. Incredibly, "Psycho Ann" can come off as many variations. With all kinds of combinations which include one or more of the following: physco, niko, neko, anne, siko, saiko, niiko, ana, anna, ann, physic(!?). But yeah, it's just simple "Psycho Ann" or just plain "Ann" without the 'e'. I actually used to spell my name 'Hu-Anne Mulia' because apparently when I was in kindergarten, here in the States, the teachers kept on writing it that way. Eventually, I realized that there never had been a 'e' in my name so I went back to the correct spelling of 'Hu-Ann Mulia'.

For a more questions, please go to The Project's FAQs.

Author Profile
Weee new hair cut.
Nick: Psycho Ann
Current location: Fremont, CA USA
Current status: Aiming for my BFA degree in Graphic Illustration at the Academy of Art University.
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