Chapter 1 : In the Begining...

    Aahhhh I'm finally done with the introduction to Psychoteers!!! Personally I don't like intros cause it's somewhat boring ^^;; I also miscalculated how much background story can be squeezed into 14 pages of comic. And so, I'm sorry if the first few pages are too packed and the panels a bit confusing ^^;; But then after this the fun starts!!! Who said being a Christian is boring with all the restrictions and rules? It's BECAUSE of those restrictions and rules that make our life challenging. How? Well, you gotta wait till other chapters come out!!

    The backgrounds stories are even MORE traumatic and disturbing, you just haven't seen the whole story yet. Just wait till I get to later chapters and we see just what they had to face. Thinking of what our comic egos have to go through was a bit of a challenge. In our real lives all of us have troubles and so I tried to somewhat steer away from what we really went through. Like for example, in this comic my ego has a brother who abused. I don't have a brother. But the rest of the psychoteers do. If I made it so that any of them was the one with the abusing brother it'll be....weird. All their brothers are very good people (and even good Christians) so I didn't want to write something like that no matter how far from their brothers are from the abusing brother in the comic. However, some backgrounds are taken from real life (and somewhat exagerated for plot), I'm not going to say who but it's there.

What to expect in "You are the Salt...You are the Light" ? Some quotes to make you squirm in curiosity:
Ann : "Do you know how easy is it for me to kill you? Even right now? Now I ask again, is there a God?"
Jes : "Should the sheep dress in wolves' clothing to be able to save the wolves?"
Pau : "If everyone is cheating, why shouldn't we? Honesty seems lost in this world..."
Mel : "What makes us different? Other than being a bit more salty and shining of course."
Lis : "What would Jesus do? Well, definately not THAT."

Hardships, danger, and temptation are coming; showing that being a Christian means to carry a Cross following Him.
Would faith prevail? Would the world win? Would these annoying cliches stop?? Let's find out!! In the next chapter: